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NRA Consultant: Dirk Daube

"I have been doing this for over 30 years"

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Mr. Daube learned to shoot in the Boy Scouts at age eleven and has been around firearms all his life. While in the USAF he began to shoot regularly with the small arms team on base. After leaving the USAF in 1982 Mr. Daube was hired by the Boy Scouts of America and one of his responsibilities was the BSA Shooting Sports program. During that time he helped develop the Shooting and Shotgun merit badge books. He was Co-Director of Shooting Sports for two National Boy Scout Jamborees. It was during that time that Mr. Daube earned all of his NRA instructor and Training Counselor Certifications.

Mr. Daube became affiliated with 10 Ring Service in 1988. 10 Ring Service specialized in accuracy enhancement and he was the Training Director. This position involved working with completive shooters from all over the world. 10 Ring Service also worked with Law Enforcement, SWAT and Sniper teams. Training was individual and specific, to the point of shooting between heartbeats This relationship lasted until 2010 when the owner passed away.

Also during that time Mr. Daube conducted NRA Training Counselor workshops and NRA Instructor courses either as a lead or assistant NRA Training Counselor. He has also been the lead instructor at various BSA National Camp Schools. He has also trained instructors for the 4H programs at Rock Eagle.

Mr Daube worked at the 1996 World Cup and 1996 Olympics and Para-Olympics in shooting sports while splitting his time by representing Anschutz.
He has been affiliated with ranges in the Atlanta area has helped train their instructors.
I have been doing this for over 30 years and I probably have personally taught a combination of over 30,000 youth, adults, instructors and training counselors along the way.
I do this for the same reasons as Jacob and Tom, and can’t say it any better than Tom.


NRA Training Counselor
NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Instructor
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor
NRA Shotgun Instructor
NRA Muzzleloading Pistol Instructor
NRA Muzzleloading Rifle Instructor
NRA Muzzleloading Shotgun Instructor
USAF Small Arms Expert Ribbon
GLOCK Armor School

Courses Conducted and Affiliations

USAF Small Arms Tactical Pistol/Rifle 40 Hrs. 1980
National Camp School BSA Rifle / Shotgun 40 Hrs. 1984 - 1988
BSA National Jamboree Rifle / Shotgun 3 Wks. (ea) 1985, 1989
Camp Perry National Matches Smallbore 30 Hrs. 1993 – 1996
West Georgia College Instructor Course 20 Hrs. 1996
World Cup Matches 1996
1996 Olympics Anschutz Gunsmith 1996
1996 Para Olympics Shooting Sports Information 1996
Georgia DNR Outdoor Woman Instructor 20Hrs. 1997
Oak Ridge DOE Instructor 20Hrs. 1997
Georgia State Games Smallbore 10Hrs. 1998
4H Rock Eagle Airgun Matches 20Hrs. 1999
American Classic Marksman Instructor 500Hrs. 1990-2009
Georgia State Defense Force Current